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The Time Has Come…

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that Artfully Designed Creations would be what it is today. I’m beyond grateful for the blessings this business has given me. Teaching classes throughout the country, making so many new cookie friends, and witnessing people conquer their fears of airbrushing are just a few of the many reasons I love ADC. But the time has come for some changes…   In November 2017 our family opened an edible cookie dough shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The goal was for me to help out part-time while we got things going. As time went on and we grew bigger, I’ve had to focus more of my time in our family business and I’ve not been able to give the attention ADC deserves. It’s been an exhausting 18 months trying to run two businesses. It was clear I had to make a decision because not only was ADC suffering, but my health was also suffering in major ways.   I love the company I built. I love seeing people use our stencils, teaching classes and watching cookie decorators become confident with airbrushing. Working with Paasche to make an American made airbrush has been one of the highlights of my company journey. To see our products in shops across the country has been exciting and humbling… But I also love working with my daughter (who’s also my business partner) in The Dough Shoppe. We built our business together around making an impact in our community by supporting non-profits and paying it forward.   Over the years I’ve had multiple opportunities to sell ADC, but... read more

ADC 3 year Giveaway

#adc3yearswehavethebestcustomersgiveaway   3 years! It’s hard to imagine that it all started with cookies that were auctioned off to help raise funds for the Moore, Oklahoma tornado victims. I couldn’t find a zebra background stencil that would fit a 3” cookie so we had to make one. Afterwards, numerous requests came in for us to make different stencils. So we made up designs and launched our Etsy shop. In three years we have seen our business grow 100% each year, launched our own website, had professional packaging created, started teaching throughout the US, and have met so many wonderful people. Our stencils can be found in various retail stores and last month we launched the ADC airbrush which is proudly made in USA. For us, keeping this business going means it needs to be profitable. However, profit has never been a main focus for us, but rather more of an afterthought since it is a necessity for any good business. To us, it has always been an outlet for us to help the everyday cookie decorator. We love teaching people how to airbrush and seeing them learn how to stencil effectively. We try our best to always give back to our cookie community and show appreciation to those that have helped us make ADC successful. There have been many great companies in this industry that have come alongside of us and partnered with us on our mission to make cookiers like you happier. So, instead of having a big anniversary sale (we have our Black Friday sale coming up so don’t fret) we decided that we wanted to do a... read more

The ADC Airbrush

Artfully Designed Creations is excited to announce our new, improved airbrush coming in mid-October 2016! Though we were all upset at the news that the Pegasus airbrush was being discontinued, we at Artfully Designed Creations were determined to find a replacement that would be better than any other airbrush out there! So, we sat down and brainstormed about qualities a replacement should have. Though we all loved the Pegasus, it did have some flaws. The nozzle was made from a very thin metal that would sheer off if you used the wrench on it in just the wrong way, the auxiliary lever was a pain to replace if it fell out, and when the trigger fell out it was difficult to get the valve piston attached to it in the right spot again. When we met with Paasche Airbrush, we knew we’d found our answer. Paasche has been manufacturing airbrushes in their Chicago factory for over 100 years. I toured their facility and was amazed that EVERY airbrush gun is checked in detail before it can leave the factory. This company really understands airbrushes and is dedicated to quality. I sat down with the guys at Paasche, and together we came up with a high quality gun that addresses the needs cookie artists have when airbrushing. The gun is manufactured and assembled in the USA of a thicker gauge metal, so the nozzle stands up to the wrench. The auxiliary lever is attached to the needle chucking guide, so there’s no chance of it falling out. The trigger piston is a snap-button style so there’s no frustration when trying to get... read more

Airbrush Stencil Classes

Airbrush Stencil Classes   It’s the moment every cookie decorator has been waiting for: CookieCon tickets went on sale Monday evening! Are you one of the lucky ones going? Did you get into your favorite Pre-CookieCon classes? Are you like me and have a countdown on your phone? I’m so excited about this event that I even have a countdown on my website! But wait! Did you know I’m teaching a class before CookieCon in May?? Click here for the details on that class. I’ve had numerous questions regarding stenciling with an airbrush and with royal icing, in fact, it’s one of the main reasons I started teaching airbrush stencil classes.  I know that we often have a fear of doing things the first time, especially when we’ve never done anything like it. When you take my airbrush stencil class, you will get hands-on experience using stencils with both an airbrush and with royal icing, taking the mystery out of the process. I know that you will love using stencils in your work as much as I do! Using stencils in your cookie decorating is beneficial in so many ways. One of those benefits being the fact that it is a total time saver. I did 50 of these in one afternoon!   It’s also a way to add life to a background of a cookie.  I’ll tell you a little secret… In my free time (well, when I had free time) I scrapbook. When I decorate cookies my inner-scrapper comes out. In scrapbooking, I search for just the right patterned background paper for the pages I’m working on. That’s what... read more

Gray Airbrush Color

Gray Airbrush Color   I’ve been asked many times, “How do you get gray airbrush color?” AmeriMist has a silver that is close, but it has a sheen to it, and not all cookie themes need a sheen. Can you imagine making manly-man cookies all sparkly-silver? Not so manly. Below I’ll show you how to make gray air brush color so you can make your own 50 Shades of Gray.   You will need: White AmeriColor gel Black AmeriMist color Water Stencils Airbrush   **Warning ** See the Cookie Alcohol in the picture? It’s just vodka. I don’t use alcohol to thin any of my AmeriMist colors. This is what happened after I made my gray and thinned it out with alcohol: It separated the white and created a bunch of specks in it, which will cause problems in your airbrush. Friends don’t let friends mix white AmeriColor and alcohol! **End of Warning**   Now back to making the Gray Airbrush color. I added a couple drops of black AmeriMist to the White AmeriColor gel and mixed it until I had the color I wanted. I noticed that the gray airbrush color was a little thicker than I like for my airbrush, so I added a couple drops of water to it and stirred it up really well. Now it’s all set to go!     Using a Stencil Genie or magnets, I positioned the stencil over the cookie. I added a couple drops of gray airbrush color to my gun and started to airbrush the stencil.   When airbrushing, it is best to go slow with even strokes.... read more

St Patrick’s Day Stencils

  St Patrick’s Day Stencils Hello World! Blog post number two coming atchya! This week we are talking about stencils (duh, what else?), but not just any stencils, St Patrick’s Day Stencils! Just because I’m feeling lucky..or because St Patty’s Day is coming up..this means y’all are going to want some new stencils for your decorating needs. St Patrick’s Day is all about those red-headed Leprechauns running around in their little green suits, chasing rainbows, and hiding their gold from the rest of the world. Clearly their mothers never taught them the phrase “Sharing is caring.” But, my St Patty’s Day isn’t like those greedy lil’ Leprechauns because I care I’m sharing my new collection of St Patrick’s Day Stencils with you. I have spent the last few days using my favorites among the new stencils to give you some ideas for your St Patty’s Day cookie needs. You can find all my St Patrick’s Day Stencils here. So the classic “Kiss Me I’m Irish” is one of my favorites of the St Patrick’s Day Stencils I have featured in my shop. It’s so cute and playful! For this design I simply airbrush the stencil onto my cookie. Although, I do like to add a touch of flair to the lips by taking some leftover royal icing (RI) and smearing it over the lips part of my stencil, then gently scraping off the excess RI and lifting the stencil off the cookie. And voila! It looks like someone actually kissed the cookie after applying a fresh coat of lipstick. ♥  Then, there is the “Luck” St Patrick’s Day Stencil which I’ve... read more

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