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(overcome your airbrush phobia!)

Artfully Designed Creations Love Cookie
Artfully Designed Creations Vintage Damask Cookies
Artfully Designed Creations Valentine's Cookie

Do you own an airbrush but are too afraid to use it? Have you looked at beautifully stenciled cookies and thought “I could never do that?” Well fear no more! We’re rolling out a series of classes to show you everything you need to know about stenciling… and you won’t believe how easy it is once you know what to do. In each hands-on class you will learn:

  • Airbrush 101: The proper way to use it, clean it, take it apart, and troubleshooting
  • How to quickly stencil multi colors on one design using an airbrush
  • How to use the airbrush to use multiple stencils on a cookie to create a unique design
  • How to stencil using Royal icing on a cookie

Each student will have their own air brush to use during the class; no sharing! During the class we will cover topics such as how to reduce under spray, how to pick a design that fits your cookie, and simple ideas to make quick cookies that look amazing. Everyone will leave with 5 decorated cookies and a swag bag filled with goodies. Here’s a list of our upcoming classes (click to learn more and register)


Los Angeles, CA September 9, 2017

Hollywood, FL October 14, 2017


Shannon Heupel

Shannon Heupel

Instructor, Stencil Wrangler

I’m married to an amazing, supportive husband named Jamie and we’ve been blessed to have two beautiful children, Tyler and Katelyn. Our small humble shop is family run out of our home near beautiful Green Bay, Wisconsin. Read more…

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