Gray Airbrush Color

Gray Airbrush Color


Gray Easter Airbrush 2

I’ve been asked many times, “How do you get gray airbrush color?” AmeriMist has a silver that is close, but it has a sheen to it, and not all cookie themes need a sheen. Can you imagine making manly-man cookies all sparkly-silver? Not so manly. Below I’ll show you how to make gray air brush color so you can make your own 50 Shades of Gray.


You will need:Gray Airbrush 1

  • White AmeriColor gel
  • Black AmeriMist color
  • Water
  • Stencils
  • Airbrush


**Warning ** See the Cookie Alcohol in the picture? It’s just vodka. I don’t use alcohol to thin any of my AmeriMist colors. This is what happened after I made my gray and thinned it out with alcohol:

Gray Airbrush 3

It separated the white and created a bunch of specks in it, which will cause problems in your airbrush. Friends don’t let friends mix white AmeriColor and alcohol! **End of Warning**


Now back to making the Gray Airbrush color.

I added a couple drops of black AmeriMist to the White AmeriColor gel and mixed it until I had the color I wanted.

I noticed that the gray airbrush color was a little thicker than I like for my airbrush, so I added a couple drops of water to it and stirred it up really well. Now it’s all set to go!

Gray Airbrush 2



Using a Stencil Genie or magnets, I positioned the stencil over the cookie. I added a couple drops of gray airbrush color to my gun and started to airbrush the stencil.

Gray Airbrush 4


When airbrushing, it is best to go slow with even strokes. A couple layers of a light coat will work better than one heavy-handed layer. Airbrush colors seem to seep at the edges if they’re applied too heavily. I’ve also noticed that with heavy coats that use white, the color begins to take on a crackle texture.

Gray Airbrush 5

Because the white is a matte finish this gray will also be a matte finish. I think it turned out really well!

Gray Airbrush 6

Next, I added some blue flower centers to finish it off.

Gray Airbrush 7

Here are some more examples gray airbrushed cookies.

Gray Easter AirBrush

When using any White AmeriColor gel in your gun, it’s important to clean the gun immediately after using, otherwise the white will coat everything and leave a film on it.  Click here to see in detail how to clean your airbrush.  Cleaning your airbrush after every use will give it a longer, happier life.

The stencil I used in this blog post is the Daisy Stencil.

Check back in two weeks for another blog post. Until then, happy stenciling!

XOXO, Shannon


  1. This is super information, have been wanting a grey and not silver shine. I tried to mix once and it was very dark, but will try your route. 🙂 As for the white and alcohol…the same thing happens when you try and mix to paint on a cookie. I have started painting white straight now, without alcohol or water mixed. Works great now! Thx for the great blog post, so very appreciated!!! 🙂

  2. I recently used pearl sheen on some cookies and used vodka to thin the color since several bloggers said they did that to avoid plugging up their airbrush guns. I noticed during my airbrushing session, the vodka and the sheen constantly separated in the cup I had combined them in. Do you recommend using water with sheen too? Thanks Shannon!

    • Yes Anne! Because the Amerimist is not made with alcohol but water. Try water… you should only need to use a little bit with the pearl sheen. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. I have been using this same idea with any Amerimist color I want to be lighter or pastel. At Michaels I found some little bottles that are the same size of the 4.5 Americolor bottles and I mix enough lighter color to save and use again. I never realized I could use water to thin the mixture. Thanks for your great post.

  4. I loved your class!!! Thank you. I feel a little more comfortable, but guess what? I broke my airbrush gun!!!. It was too old anyways. I will have to buy a new pegasus airbrush. Blessings for you and family!!!


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