St Patrick’s Day Stencils

 St Patrick's Day Stencils 04

St Patrick’s Day Stencils

Hello World! Blog post number two coming atchya!

This week we are talking about stencils (duh, what else?), but not just any stencils, St Patrick’s Day Stencils! Just because I’m feeling lucky..or because St Patty’s Day is coming up..this means y’all are going to want some new stencils for your decorating needs.

St Patrick’s Day is all about those red-headed Leprechauns running around in their little green suits, chasing rainbows, and hiding their gold from the rest of the world. Clearly their mothers never taught them the phrase “Sharing is caring.” But, my St Patty’s Day isn’t like those greedy lil’ Leprechauns because I care I’m sharing my new collection of St Patrick’s Day Stencils with you. I have spent the last few days using my favorites among the new stencils to give you some ideas for your St Patty’s Day cookie needs. You can find all my St Patrick’s Day Stencils here.

So the classic “Kiss Me I’m Irish” is one of my favorites of the St Patrick’s Day Stencils I have featured in my shop. It’s so cute and playful! For this design I simply airbrush the stencil onto my cookie. Although, I do like to add a touch of flair to the lips by taking some leftover royal icing (RI) and smearing it over the lips part of my stencil, then gently scraping off the excess RI and lifting the stencil off the cookie. And voila! It looks like someone actually kissed the cookie after applying a fresh coat of lipstick. ♥ St Patrick's Day Stencils 02

Then, there is the “Luck” St Patrick’s Day Stencil which I’ve made even luckier by adding the 4-Leaf Clover as the ‘U’ in luck. This just makes me want to do a little jig or something..anyone else? No? Ok..never mind then. 🙂

Oh and don’t forget the sweet and simple “Shamrocks” St Patrick’s Day Stencil which features clovers parading around with some flourishing lines.St Patrick's Day Stencils 05

I also have a St Patrick’s Day Stencil I’ve called the “Clover Celtic Knot”. It puts a fun “twist” (hehehe, knot & twist, hehe, I crack myself up.) on the clover and brings in a bit of that Irish heritage. St Patrick's Day Stencils 01

Even if you don’t have any St Patrick’s Day Stencils, you can still use other, more basic, stencils to make your cookies festive and eye-catching. For these mini shamrock cookies, I used my new “Mini Cookie Background” stencils and gave them a little something extra by using different shades of green and varying my stencil design choices. You can see my tutorial for these cookies here.

I also used my “Chevron Background” stencil as a simple base for many of my cookies (To Go Coffee Cup, Boy & Girl Leprechauns, Luck of the Irish) which just adds a little ‘something something’ to any cookie.St Patrick's Day Stencils 03

I hope this helps you as you venture into St Patty’s Day, and be sure to check out the St Patrick’s Day Stencils in the shop and on my Etsy page!

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