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Artfully Designed Creations is excited to announce our new, improved airbrush coming in mid-October 2016!

Though we were all upset at the news that the Pegasus airbrush was being discontinued, we at Artfully Designed Creations were determined to find a replacement that would be better than any other airbrush out there!

So, we sat down and brainstormed about qualities a replacement should have. Though we all loved the Pegasus, it did have some flaws. The nozzle was made from a very thin metal that would sheer off if you used the wrench on it in just the wrong way, the auxiliary lever was a pain to replace if it fell out, and when the trigger fell out it was difficult to get the valve piston attached to it in the right spot again.

When we met with Paasche Airbrush, we knew we’d found our answer. Paasche has been manufacturing airbrushes in their Chicago factory for over 100 years. I toured their facility and was amazed that EVERY airbrush gun is checked in detail before it can leave the factory. This company really understands airbrushes and is dedicated to quality.

I sat down with the guys at Paasche, and together we came up with a high quality gun that addresses the needs cookie artists have when airbrushing.

airbrush-parts-comparison-with-textThe gun is manufactured and assembled in the USA of a thicker gauge metal, so the nozzle stands up to the wrench. The auxiliary lever is attached to the needle chucking guide, so there’s no chance of it falling out. The trigger piston is a snap-button style so there’s no frustration when trying to get the trigger back into position. The airflow is smooth and, in my opinion, does an even better job with the sheens and whites than the old model did!

The best part? This high quality airbrush gun will be the same price as the Pegasus was, and it will have a one-year warranty!

We will be taking pre-orders for our retail and wholesale customers with an expected release date in mid-October.

There will be special promotional pricing available for our retail customers and, as always, shipping is free over $100 (USA only)! Through Saturday 10/8/2016 you can pre-order the ADC Airbrush System for $125. After Saturday the price will be $150 until 10/30 at which point the price of the machine will go to the regular price of $160.

Wholesale customers should contact me at for information.

We hope you all are as excited as we are about this new product.
Until next time…


  1. Hi!
    I currently have been using a pegasus for the pat 2 years. Recently I purchased CreativeCookier’s new airbrush, that works with pegasus but has a needle size of .5mm. I have been using it with the sheens & metallics only. Was wondering the needle size of your new system is.


    • Hi Debbie. Our needle size is .38mm however you wouldn’t be able to use it in either both those guns because it has a bend in it. If you look at the picture you can see it a little bit.

  2. Hi,
    What is the psi for this machine?

  3. Hi I’m visiting in Wisconsin from Canada and I was wondering if there is a store in WI that would sell your unit?


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